arT2's Weather Camera [part of]

Welcome Stranger. You landed on my "Weather Camera" aka "Sky Recorder" site.
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Latest Snapshot

If the system is running, the image below will be automagically updated every 5 minutes.

Latest Snapshot

Whole Months as Timelapse Videos

Every 1st of the month i merge all the recorded timelapses of the previous month in one video so you can enjoy a full month of timelapse awesomeness with music.

From 2013 to the end of 2015 they are pretty short, and fast. Since the beginning of 2016, i edit it with different settings, to let them run much slower and thus they are a lot longer. You can see a lot more details in the videos since i made this change.

Click here to view the Playlist @ Youtube


Note: The browsable archive will be back. Nothing is lost. I just need new hardware + time and some cash.
1440 Images and 24 Timelapse Videos a day... A huge amount of data to handle over the years.


I'm planning on upgrading the whole system. Better host server, better camera, more diskspace, maybe sensors, etc.

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